Quick Ship Products Image

Midland Technologies has always prided itself on having stocked standard products, available for fast turn around to you.  And for other components, the fact that we manufacture them in our facility, cuts down on the time between order and delivery.  With that in mind, we now feature a set of quick-ship products on our website.

Our quick ship products include: Ultimate Vent Blocks and Valve-less Vacuum Blocks.  Both of these products are made from premium H13 tool steel and are perfect for Aluminum, Zinc or Magnesium die casting applications.  These quick ship products come in 7 different sizes. These are stocked standard products and depending on availability, can be turned around in as little as 24 hours.

Runner spreaders are another product that Midland can machine to your specifications and ship back to you in as little as 2 weeks.  Send along your drawings or requirements and we can provide a quote for you to review.  If you have a regular need for the same runner spreader, or even a bushing, let’s talk about pricing on larger quantities that we can stock and ship to you as needed over a period of time.

As was referenced in our Jet Cooler article, Midland prides itself on the ability to manufacture a variety of jet cooler products and turn them around to customers quickly.  Whether you need a threaded, o-ring or grommet to connect to your core pins, we offer all three options.  Dual-rotating, rotating or stationary heads with threaded or push-lock fittings.  As you can see, our jet coolers are a “mass customization” product with a variety of choices, to fit your specific needs.

Contact us to better understand your needs and requirements, so that we can create the best solution for your next project.