Custom Copper Vent Block

When a standard size Valve-Less Vacuum block or Ultimate Vent block does not fit your application, Midland is here to help.  We are your solution source for any of your custom needs, whether you require a replacement block or a new unique block for your project.  With full design and programming capabilities, and decades of experience calculating correct evacuation areas for venting or vacuum of high pressure dies, Midland can deliver effective blocks for your specific application.  Additionally, our technical experts can suggest an optimal valve-less vacuum or vent block runner layout for your tool.

Here at Midland, we can manufacture your custom block with your specified material, such as Premium H-13 tool steel, the chosen material for our standard blocks.  If a higher thermal conductivity is needed, then beryllium-free copper is recommended.  When using Be-free Cu, a typical 30-50% increase in the evacuation area can be achieved without increasing the footprint of the block.  Perhaps a full copper block is not desired: an option would be to manufacture a tool steel holder block with a copper insert.  The copper insert can easily be replaced, without the expense of a full copper block.  All this can be achieved on various block sizes, from as small as 1.5” [38mm] x 2.5” [63.5mm] to a maximum 26” [660mm] x 32” [812mm].

We can also add features to your custom block, such as a dual flow cavities, multiple inlet runners, ejector pin mounting holes, custom water line locations, corner radii, custom flash steps, etc.  At times, it may be necessary to have a larger shut off area than that of standard block. In this case, a semi-custom block can be manufactured with a flow area from a smaller standard block placed on the footprint of a larger block.

If relying on your in-house shop can be a struggle, let us handle your needs for your next block.  When you place an order for a custom block with Midland, a team member is assigned to your project for the design and approval process.  All our members are ESOP employees, dedicated to deliver a quality, durable product for your next project.