A product line that we are especially proud of here at Midland is our jet cooler line.  We offer diameters of 4mm to 10mm on outer tubes, a variety of inner tube sizes and custom lengths of both – down to the millimeter.  Mass customization, with a two-week turnaround on most orders of our standard jet cooler product line.  Midland now offers a dual-rotating head, for those customers that require each head to rotate into a specific orientation.

We offer brass heads on our stationary and rotating head product and pressure test every jet cooler to 300 psi, to ensure that they will work the first time.

Are you looking for something unique?  Midland manufactures a lot of components for custom applications, based on your needs.  If you are looking for a head made from stainless steel, a taller or deeper brass head, ask us, we are happy to quote custom projects as well.

In addition to custom jet coolers, we can also fabricate other cooling tubes and components that you may need.  Send along drawings and your requirements and we can generate a quote.  Have further questions?  We are happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.  Midland Technologies is your headquarters for jet coolers and custom cooling tube fabrication.