Image of Midland Technologies General Manager

Holiday Greetings Everyone!

We began the year exhibiting at Euroguss 2020, anticipating brisk business after our return from Europe, building on the success of 2019.  It goes without saying, that we would all like to forget 2020 and the challenges that it brought, both personally and professionally.  I hope that all our customers and their families are in good health and spirits.

There is not one customer that I have talked to who has not been impacted by the pandemic – and unfortunately — a few that have closed their doors.  Like many organizations, we have had to pivot from manufacturing components for the die casting industry.  Thanks to Lou-Rich, one of our sister companies, we have been able to fill gaps by providing machining services for them.

With the rollout of vaccines just around the corner, we anticipate momentum continues to build in early 2021 and we get back to normal operation by 3rd quarter.  We look forward to continuing to offer our products and support services to you as we all begin to recover from the challenges that 2020 has brought.  Best wishes for a safe and healthy holiday season for everyone, from all of us at Midland Technologies.